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Solutions for Living - Occupational Therapy Services has been operating and providing quality Occupational Therapy services in Brisbane since 2007.

Occupational Therapy, often referred to as OT, is a health service that assists the achievement or maintenance of personal independence, safety and well-being.

An Occupational Therapist's primary goal is to enable participation in the activities of everyday life which are important to the individual. The Occupational Therapist assesses and treats limitations caused by injury, illness, acquired or congenital disabilities, or the aging process, either by building skills and capacity, introducing assistive equipment, modifying the environment, providing education and/or other relevant strategies.

One of the best definitions of Occupational Therapy I have ever heard was given to me by a young boy who was asked what his Dad did for work. His reply, "My Dad is an OT. He helps people do stuff." (Love it!).